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Z-Bridge Winner Techport Challenge 2022


Z-Bridge in 2022

The winner of the Techport Challenge 2022 is Z-Bridge. Z-Bridge has developed an innovative access system for offshore wind.

Safe Transfer

This allows people and goods to be transferred safely and with smaller ships from a moving ship to an offshore wind turbine.


By winning the Techport Challenge, they can participate in the GO!NH Growth program from the Province of Noord-Holland.

Beginning of 2022

In the spring of 2022, Techport organized a Techport Challenge for innovative SMEs and start-ups that are active in smart industry, smart maintenance and digitization in the manufacturing industry, maritime and offshore industry.

Techport Challenge

The Techport Challenge is aimed at developing smart technology solutions that can make the manufacturing and maintenance industry smarter, more sustainable and cleaner.

Smart Maintenance and Manufacture

These can be innovations that reduce emissions, but also innovations that allow installations to run more efficiently, make maintenance cycles more effective or can make a contribution in a broader sense.


Z-Bridge is a specialized company that designs, builds and rents access systems for the offshore market. Z-Bridge is a young and innovative company that is active in the manufacturing industry.

The objective of Techport and the promotion of an education in technology are key to be able to grow with a start-up company in this region. What could be better than actively supporting this initiative.

GO!NH Growth

By winning the Techport Challenge, Z-Bridge has won a place in the GO!NH Growth program in which companies go through an intensive three-month process of workshops and in-depth analyzes of their business model. They receive support from coaches and experts and they learn to search for and find a repeatable and scalable business model faster and more focused. In this way they come one step closer to setting up a profitable business.

New Energy Coalition

In collaboration with the New Energy Coalition, Techport has been given the opportunity to support three additional companies through the GO!-NH Accelerator 2022 program.

Acceleration for SMEs and Startups

This is an acceleration trajectory especially for SMEs and startups whose product, service or innovation is still in the development phase and has yet to prove that the market needs the innovation. It concerns Texel4Trading, Danvos and DOPS.


Texel4Trading makes floating solar panels, which generate such a substantial energy yield that Texel can largely meet their energy needs. Danvos (Opperdoes) has developed a circular and integral filter process for the removal of ammonia from barn air and manure.

Recycling Technologies

The captured ammonia can be recycled as fertilizer or fed into a fuel cell to generate electricity and heat. DOPS Recycling Technologies works with pyrolysis technology to process waste that is currently incinerated. Thanks to the technology, more raw materials are preserved for reuse.

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