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Heerema Marine Contractors Awarded He Dreiht Offshore Wind Project

Heerema Marine Contractors is proud to announce that it has been awarded an offshore wind foundation installation contract for EnBW’s He Dreiht offshore wind farm. 64 Monopiles The work includes the transport and installation of 64 monopiles and transition pieces. During operations, Heerema will use the IHC IQIP double-walled noise mitigation system NMS-10,000 amongst other systems […]

Z-Bridge Winner Techport Challenge 2022

Z-Bridge in 2022 The winner of the Techport Challenge 2022 is Z-Bridge. Z-Bridge has developed an innovative access system for offshore wind. Safe Transfer This allows people and goods to be transferred safely and with smaller ships from a moving ship to an offshore wind turbine. GO!NH By winning the Techport Challenge, they can participate […]

Presenting the Oceandock XIX, a 19 000m² Self-Propelled Floating Port and Installation Vessel for Offshore Wind Farms

Oceandock XIX Windthrust has developed a new safe and secure technology that will redefine offshore wind turbine installations around the world – The Oceandock XIX. The Oceandock is a 19 000 m² self-propelled floating port and installation vessel for Substations, Monopile Foundations and Wind Turbine Generators. Wind Turbine Components The Oceandock simultaneously unloads wind turbine […]