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Tyra II Campaign

The Tyra II Puzzle is Almost Completed


Tyra II Campaign

Esbjerg, 12 April 2022: TotalEnergies EP Denmark and its Danish Underground Consortium partners Noreco and Nordsøfonden are pleased to announce the successful completion of this spring’s installation campaign of Tyra II in the Danish North Sea.

Today, 10 days of lifting came to a culmination when the world’s largest crane vessel, Sleipnir, lifted the final and heaviest module – the Tyra II utility and living quarters – into its final position at Tyra East at 09:55.

Getting to Tyra field

The 5,584 tons heavy and 32.5 meters tall module was built in Italy with the help of our EPC contractor Rosetti Marino Contractors. After a 5,800-kilometer-long journey through the wind and waves of the Mediterranean Sea passing by the English Channel, the new Tyra II utility and living quarters arrived safely at the Tyra field.


Once the crew completed all final checks, Sleipnir lifted the Tyra II utility and living quarters off the barge, and with it hanging in the crane wires at a height of 30 meters, the crew sailed more than one kilometer towards the jacket where they successfully set-down Tyra II’s new home.

This means that Tyra II is now almost complete as all platforms, except the processing platform, are now in place.

 “It’s exciting to be able to see the almost complete shape of Tyra II as seven out of eight platforms are now in their final position. The last crucial piece to be installed is the new processing platform which is currently being built at the yard in Indonesia. I’m very proud of our installation team and our valued and trusted partner Heerema Marine Contractors who once again executed textbook lifting operations without a single recordable incident. Despite this fabulous milestone achieved, we can’t rest on our laurels as we still have a lot of work offshore to complete”

says Lars Bo Christiansen, Tyra Redevelopment Deputy Project Director for TotalEnergies EP Denmark.

Installation Process

In the coming days, the installation team will finish the last welding works to secure that the new platforms can resist many years of rough North Sea weather. Afterwards, the team will hand over the baton to the hook up and commissioning team.

They will focus on making the new Tyra II utility and living quarters habitable so that future residents can move in during this summer. Moreover, they will install the refurbished well heads, reinstate the wells, and power-up the new Tyra West platforms.

Completing Tyra II

In the second half of 2022, the new 16,988 tons heavy processing module will start its journey from McDermott’s yard in Indonesia, making the modernized Tyra II complete. For this, Heerema Marine Contractors’ Sleipnir – the world’s largest crane vessel will return to the Tyra field one last time.

  • Access visuals of the full installation campaign and new field look here.

Tyra II Campaign

Facts About the Installation and Other Remaining Works

Spring installation 2022

  • 260 people executed 6 lifts within two weeks. The utility and living quarters, the three Tyra West well head and riser modules and two bridges were lifted into final position. Together they weigh more than 9,300 tons – the equivalent to 4 London Eyes.
  • Sleipnir is the world’s largest crane vessel from our EPC contractor Heerema Marine Contractors, and its two huge cranes can lift a weight of up to 20,000 tons. The vessel is 220 meters long and 102 meters wide – the equivalent to 3 football fields.

Tyra II utility and living quarters

  • The Tyra II utility and living quarters module consists of seven levels with a helideck at the top, weighs 5,584 tons, and is 32.5 meters tall– equivalent to the height of the Esbjerg Water Tower.
  • The two 2.1 meter high and 1.7 meter in diameter wide stabbing cones which are placed on the bottom of the utility and living quarters, helped the crane drives to lift the module precisely on the jackets.
  • In the future, the crew on Tyra II will stay even more safe as the processing platform and utility and living quarters are separated by an 85-meters-long bridge in the new field design. Moreover, the module’s design is focused on safety, efficient workflows, and general well-being. It is equipped with three lifeboats and the three fire pumps are able to deliver 8,250,000 liters water per hour – equivalent to the average daily water consumption of 1.8 million Danes (when calculated with a consumption of 106 liters per person per day)

Remaining work

  • The processing module weighs 16,600 tons and is 47 meters heigh. This module is the heaviest of all Tyra II modules, and it’s likely that lifting it will break a world record. The module will be sent from Indonesia during the second half of 2022.
  • Between 2021 and 2023, the hook-up and commissioning teams are spending more than 1.3 million man-hours at the Tyra field to connect cables and pipes, test equipment, integrate reservoirs, wells, compressors and pumps, and re-link Tyra II with the onshore Danish gas supply and distribution network.

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