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TWD releases white paper on innovating methods for monopile installation to meet installation targets


Rotterdam, March 7, 2023 – TWD, an international engineering firm with Dutch roots, has published a white paper on the installation of increasingly larger monopiles in the rapidly growing global wind energy sector. The expansion, driven by ambitious government targets pushing for installations in new offshore locations with deeper water and less favorable soil and environmental conditions.

The white paper, entitled “Lifting the Future of Monopile Installation”, addresses the challenges posed by the growth of the industry, particularly the shortage of capable installation vessels. While current methods using Jack-Up Vessels (JUVs) have been effective, they are limited in handling the future requirements of longer, larger and heavier monopiles. Simply scaling up existing vessels and equipment will not be enough.

The white paper challenges traditional monopile installation methods, particularly when using larger and heavier monopiles. It advocates for a holistic approach, stressing the need to understand project-specific factors like water depth and soil conditions.

Bas van Wuijckhuijse, Innovation Manager at TWD, concludes: “The offshore wind industry must embrace innovative technologies to meet current and future challenges. By doing so, we ensure continued growth and sustainability in wind energy, making a significant contribution to the global energy transition.”

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About TWD:

TWD is an engineering company specialized in method engineering and equipment design. Since 2007, TWD has contributed to key infrastructures and energy transitions worldwide. TWD is strongly positioned in the markets of Offshore Wind, Heavy Lift and Transportation, Heavy Civils, and Vessel Outfitting. TWD is an industry leader in the design of tailored transport and installation (T&I) equipment for foundations, turbines, and cables.

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