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Scottish Start-Up Unveils Floating Offshore Wind Installation Solution


Encomara, a Scottish newcomer, has launched a solution for the installation of floating offshore wind turbines. The company’s turbine installation technology, designed to enhance life-cycle efficiency, safety, sustainability, and reliability, is applicable regardless of water depth, according to Encomara.

The company’s pioneering Strategic Wind InFrastructure (SWIFT) system is said to integrate new and established technologies in a holistic and life-cycle cost approach for floating wind which could reduce the levelized cost of electricity.

Encomara’s first patented product, SQUID, is a quick connector for power cables, mooring lines, and anchor interfaces, which provides a rapid and simplified plug-to-power capability.

Source: Encomara

The pre-installation and pre-commissioning of all marine hardware could reduce cost and risk by enabling rapid deployment of multiple floating offshore wind turbines.

Additionally, by enabling a viable tow-to-port methodology, SQUID delivers similar cost and duration reductions during the operational, re-power, and decommissioning phases, according to Encomara.

Encomara CEO Raymond Semple said that SQUID is an “agile and dynamic approach to delivering fast-turnaround turbine installation, operations and maintenance scopes, and eventual decommissioning.”

Encomara was founded by four industry veterans, each with more than 30 years of energy sector experience, including in wave, tidal, fixed, and floating offshore wind.

Ian Cobban is the chief operating officer (COO); Malcolm Bowie is the chief technology officer (CTO); Ian Donald is the company’s executive chairman; and Raymond Semple, the CEO.

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