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Q3 Asia, a full service provider for logistical challenges and Seagreen Enterprise Co., Ltd, a specialist in underwater operation and salvaging, are combining their strengths into an alliance for marine transport in the Offshore Wind Industry, Offshore Cable installation market and Offshore Oil & Gas industry.

Q3 Asia

As part of the Q3 Group, who has their headquarters in The Netherlands, Q3 Asia is the organization focusing on the renewable industry in, as the name already makes you expect, Asia. As an entity of Q3 Group they deliver the same expertise and experience in providing full service operations for on- and offshore logistical challenges, tools and equipment in the Heavy Lift sector. From the engineering side, to the operation side, Q3 stands for GETTING THINGS DONE in the most effective and safe way.

With the design, fabrication and commissioning of customized tools, such as jacket lifting tools, monopile transport saddles, spreader beams, liftings beams etc., Q3 has proven to be not only an engineering organization, but also an expert for operational activities. From consultant, to engineer, to (SPMT or crane) Operator, to Rigger/Mechanics, in every step of the process Q3 can contribute with its trained and experienced Heavy Lift crew.

Seagreen Enterprise

Seagreen, established in 1996, is specialized in underwater operation and salvaging with the main focus on the Taiwanese market. With their team of engineers, mechanics and professional divers they take care of underwater inspections, underwater repairs, underwater maintenance, underwater cleaning etc. In addition they have various equipment which they use for their clients existing of vessel owners, harbor operators, port authorities, oil companies etc.

In the past years they have expand their workfield with Oil Spilled Response cases, including oil pollution control and clean up. But also marine cable laying and landing operations in and around Taiwan.


This new alliance enables both parties to provide even more knowledge, expertise and flexibility regarding Heavy Lift marine transport for their customers in the Offshore Wind Industry, Offshore Cable installation market and Offshore Oil & Gas industry in the Asia Area.

“Asia is a continent where a lot is happening relating to the Renewable Industry. More and more offshore wind farms are being built, resulting in an increase in requests for Heavy Lift marine transport. This alliance enables us to provide the highest form of flexibility and expertise to our customers; something Q3 stands for in every project”, says Floris Bomers, Managing Director of Q3 Asia.

“What we see in the market is an increase of requests for assistance in Heavy Lift marine transport. This alliance makes it possible to respond and comply with these requests and be of more added value to the Renewable Industry in Asia”, says Managing Director of Seagreen Enterprise Co., Ltd.