Plans announced for the first tidal energy plant in Southeast Asia


Energies PH, Inc, through its affiliate San Bernardino Ocean Power Corporation, has contracted with Inyanga Marine Energy Group to build Southeast Asia’s first ever tidal power generation plant.

The site will be at the remote Capul Island of Northern Samar in the Philippines, along the San Bernardino Strait, a passage well-known for the strength of its marine currents.

The contract for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction has been awarded to Inyanga Marine Energy Group.

The 1MW project, which is expected to deploy in late 2025, will use Inyanga’s innovative HydroWing tidal stream technology.

The HydroWing tidal stream turbines will be connected to the electrical network of Capul, an off-grid island currently relying on a 750 kW diesel power plant. The first stage of the project consists of a 1MW tidal power plant, to be connected into a microgrid network coupled with Solar PV and energy storage, delivering a reliable, sustainable, and cost-competitive alternative to fossil-based power generation.

Antonio Ver, co-chairman and CEO of Energies PH said: “As we embark on this pioneering tidal power plant for the Philippines, our vision is to replicate this in several off-grid sites all over the country to provide electricity in the hinterlands. We see the initial project in Capul as a catapult to achieving our goal of helping create sustainable communities across the Philippines. The electric power that reaches families in remote areas enables them to have better access to education, health services as well as livelihood opportunities.”

Richard Parkinson, CEO of Inyanga Marine Energy Group, said: “We are looking forward to working with Energies PH on the delivery of this transformational project for the region. Tidal stream energy is the most predictable and reliable form of renewable energy. Our HydroWing technology is at the cutting edge of innovation and provides a cost-effective solution to harvesting the power of the ocean’s tides.”

Jean-Christophe Allo, Commercial Manager at Inyanga adds: “This exciting project will create a step change for the remote community on Capul. It will bring tidal energy to the region of Southeast Asia for the first time. As the project incorporates an onshore storage facility, the tidal turbines will provide continuous 24/7 power supply. Right now, Capul has only 8 to 16 hours of energy per day, with several blackouts. We will provide a 24/7 reliable and renewable electricity.”

Other tidal power generation sites planned for subsequent deployment by San Bernardino Ocean Power Corporation are in San Antonio Island, also in Northern Samar, and the Calintaan Island in Matnog, Sorsogon.


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About Inyanga Marine Energy Group

Inyanga Marine Energy Group is an innovative company which is developing cutting-edge solutions for the global offshore renewables industry. Inyanga Marine Energy Group operate a highly experienced and specialised team of offshore engineers from their head office in Falmouth, UK. The company also has offices in Rennes, France, and Anglesey, Wales.

Inyanga Marine Energy Group has two divisions – HydroWing, which focuses on tidal energy technology development, and Inyanga Maritime, which delivers offshore engineering and installation. The company aims to advance through to deployment of the innovative tidal energy converter, the HydroWing, to provide cost-effective, reliable, and predictable power to communities around the globe.

HydroWing was the largest tidal stream project in Wales to be successful in the UK government’s latest Contracts for Difference round. The 10MW project will be located at the Morlais tidal energy site in Anglesey, which is managed by the social enterprise Menter Môn. The Morlais site is the UK’s largest consented tidal energy scheme. Commercialisation of the tidal energy sector has so far been held back by high operations and maintenance costs. HydroWing’s next-generation technology meets that challenge head-on.

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About Energies PH Inc

Based in the Philippines, Energies PH is driving the transition to sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy in Southeast Asia. Their power projects encompass a broad range of breakthrough technologies utilizing clean and renewable energy. Energies PH has a combined track record and experience of more than 50 years. It commits to harnessing both the power of tidal energy and solar energy as a bundled strategy that also incorporates the use of recharged hydrogen fuel cells, another first in the country.

Their core business is the development of power generation plants. The company protects vital processes of lowering production costs, promoting innovation, engaging competent teams, and upholding compliant management to achieve optimal results in the delivery of reliable, affordable, and clean electric power.

Energies PH’s mission is further propelled with the recently enacted Microgrid Systems Act or Republic Act 11646 in place. The law is aimed at achieving 100% electrification of the Philippines by encouraging the installation of microgrids in unserved or underserved areas which are 30% of the total present population.

Their vision is to become a socially responsible publicly listed firm among the fastest-growing power companies in the Philippines and in the region in the next decade, where the goals of individual stakeholders, the government, and society can be accomplished.

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